Design Assist

NEC assures success by carefully balancing Design (Aesthetic), Cost (Commercial) and Technical goals.

"Nearly 100% of NEC's projects are Design Assist"  Paul Becks, Executive Vice President

The Design Assist Process, as it has been adapted to our industry, is a very unique and efficient method of project delivery. The sophistication of today’s façade systems, the variability of design options and the long lead times of the products, combine to create an impediment to Fast Track Construction.

NEC is extensively experienced in “Design Assist Project Delivery” and uses this tool efficiently to assure success in achieving both design and cost goals.

Out of our experience we have created a guide to delineate the process, describe the deliverables and offer insight into how this process is integrated into the commercial building delivery. This is a collaborative effort and requires all parties to contribute to and adopt this plan. 

One key element of success in managing this process, is the role of the Technical Project Manager (TPM). This is our key process manager, whose job is to assure progress and success. The TPM works closely with the NEC design staff, outside consultants and the client to assure progress in accordance with the project schedule, achievement of design goals, compliance with technical guidelines and cost containment within the GMP Target.