Terra Cotta Rainscreen Systems

One of the most popular claddings designed into rainscreen systems today, Terra Cotta is a natural clay fired product usually between 30 and 40 mm thick, supported by aluminum subframing of various configurations.  Not only does it have the rainscreen benefits, but due to its natural fired-clay characteristics, it "ages" well.  Terra Cotta rainscreen systems are open joint, back ventilated and pressure equalized, and meets the rainscreen test AAMA 508-07.  

NEC is a leader in Terra Cotta installations, having installed well over 300,000 sf of terra cotta around the country.   We provide designers and construction managers with detail assistance, budgeting, coordination, and ultimately the installation of terra cotta rainscreen systems.

Rainscreen systems in general all share the following benefits:

  1. Eliminates exposed sealants at critical transitions (less maintenance).
  2. Dramatically reduces air infiltration through pressure equalization as well as more effective air barrier placement.
  3. Eliminate mold/mildew from interior space.
  4. Back ventilation allows for quick moisture evaporation, thereby extending the life of the cladding, insulation, subframing. 
  5. Air space behind the claddings, dissipates radiant heat through the chimney effect.
  6. Year-round installation, since all parts are mechanically fastened.